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World Beer Cup
Boscos - World Beer Cup


Crème Brûlée Grand Marnier 7.5
Creamy Custard with a Hint of Orange and Vanilla Beans

Apple Crisp 7.25
Served Piping Hot with Ice Cream, Nuts, and Caramel Sauce

Bread Pudding of The Day 8

Double Chocolate Brownie 8
Rich Bittersweet Chocolate Brownie with a Chocolate Cream Cheese Filling, Topped with Vanilla Bean ice cream

Cast Iron Cookie 8
Jumbo Cookie Baked in a Skillet and Topped with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Root Beer Float 7

Boscos House Blend 2.5
Espresso 3.5
Double Espresso 4
Cappuccino 3.5
Cafe Latte 4
Mocha Latte 4

Café Boscos 8.5
Tia Maria, Bailey's, Brandy

Keoke Coffee 8.5
Brandy, Cream de Cacao, Kahlua

Irish Coffee 9