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75 Minute IPA

Boscos - World Beer Cup

A new IPA brewed adding a hop addition every minute of the entire boil, for 75 minutes. Then dry hopped twice just to bring out some nice aroma and flavor on the front end.
ABV 5.25, I.B.U. 75

Boscos Table Ale

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Our Boscos Table Ale (or small ale) is a very light, clean, and crisp beer; dry hopped with Centennial hops for a little bit of flavor and aroma. Although lighter in gravity, the Boscos Table Ale does not sacrifice on flavor!

ABV 3.2, IBU 15

Boscos Black Hearted IPA

Boscos - World Beer Cup

We blended dark malts with an assertive portion of Pacific Northwestern hops to create Boscos Black Hearted IPA. These caramel and roasted malts collaborate with a piney, citrus hop profile to make for a unique, yet smooth drinking experience!

ABV 6.8, IBU 85

Boscos Mosaic Pale Ale

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Brewed using Mosaic hops, this beer is very low in bitterness, but has a big, bold finish. A smooth, creamy mouthfeel gives way to the symphony of Mosaic hops dancing around on your palate.

ABV 4.80, IBU 16

Pink Boots American IPA

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Pink Boots is an American IPA that features Pink Boots Society’s 7th annual hop blend. We kept the malt profile simple and finished off this beer with a heavy dry hop so we could showcase this year’s blend of Ahtanum, El Dorado, HBC 638, and Idaho 7. This hop recipe was made in collaboration with Yakima Chief Hops to benefit members of the Pink Boots Society.

ABV 5.4, IBU 37

Boscos Hop Odyssey

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Embark on a journey of flavor and discovery with Boscos Hop Odyssey Double IPA. A strong pale malt foundation supports a harmonious matrix of hops, accentuated with notes of pine, citrus, fruit, and honey. Adventure awaits!

ABV 8.5, IBU 91


Poor Richard's Ale

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Brewed with corn and molasses, two common ingredients in colonial times, Poor Richard's Ale is a modern interpretation of a beer Ben might have drank in one of his favorite taverns.

ABV 6.0, IBU 29

Ray’s Honey Rye

Boscos - World Beer Cup

A unique beer brewed with rye malt and honey, the character of this golden, lightly hopped beer is amazingly dry. There is honey flavor, but not honey sweetness. The recipe was developed with Ray Daniels, the 1998 North American Guild of Beer Writers, Beer Writer of the Year.

ABV 6.7, IBU 14

Boscos C4

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Our C4 IPA was meticulously crafted to pack each pint with an explosion of hop flavor and aroma.  Our simple malt design lays the groundwork to highlight the complexities of Columbus, Cluster, Citra, and Centennial hops.

ABV 6.0, IBU 38


White Walker Cold IPA

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Our White Walker Cold IPA is crafted with lager yeast and fermented at a cooler temperature than your typical IPA.  This process yields a clean malt body that highlights an assertive hop expression and pronounced bitterness.  We carefully blended our hops to showcase bold notes of citrus, pine, and tropical fruits, creating a refreshingly distinct and flavorful brew.

ABV 6.8, IBU 47


Boscos Rye Pale Ale

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Our brewer put a few of his favorite seasonal beers together to make this delicious ale. Brewed using 2 Row as our base malt and a very generous amount of Rye malt for the bill. We then added Citra for the knockout hop addition and a blend of Citra and Idaho 7 for the dry hopping. ABV 6.50, IBU 43

Boscos Amber Cream Ale

Boscos - World Beer Cup

This historical fusion serves as a nod to Boscos Original American Amber and the Tennessee Cream Ale - the first beer ever brewed at Boscos! The caramel maltiness from the amber and dry finish from the cream ale work together to create a unique experience.

ABV 5.6, IBU 25


Fred and Jake’s Winter Warmer

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Fred and Jake’s Winter Warmer is a collaboration between Boscos brewing alumnus, Fred Scheer, and current brewer, Jake Thomas.  This strong ale features a rich body with caramel, chocolate, and roasted grains along with generous additions of mosaic hops.

ABV 6.5, IBU 45

Boscos Hazy Quasar

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Behold the Haze, quivering through untold vapors which hover over a mosaic of pale starlight. The glittering quasar pulses as though it were alive with diabolical rhythm which transmutes temporal reality unto its eternal piercing glow. Resounding through the empty blackness of the beyond, the quasar’s song pierces the slumber of the primitive unconscious mind of man.

5.7% abv and 19 IBU

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Boscos - World Beer Cup

A taste of fresh local hops in a sessionable ale. Our TIGUrS SMaSH is a wet-hopped ale with hand-picked, Cascade hops from the TIGUrS Urban Garden, combined with a Single Malted barley. The fresh hops deliver a uniquely citrus-like quality with a slight grapefruit flavor and aroma. ABV 5.5, IBU 17

Boscos Wee Heavy

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Boscos Wee Heavy is a Scotch Ale, a stronger, more-malted, and fuller-bodied version of our Scottish Ale. Enjoy! ABV 8.5, IBU 30

Boscos Seven Summits

Boscos - World Beer Cup

An elixir of fragrant hops and malty haze, the Seven Summits Pale Ale is an antidote to the grinding normality of the day to day. Just like stepping into a cool stream in a sunlit meadow, the brightness of the Seven Summits washes away life’s cares and worries, allowing one to not merely exist but truly live.

ABV 4.7, IBU 26


Boscos Mosaic Pale

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Just as man turns to beast, the body of the Mosaic Pale Ale progresses from a smooth, clean start to a bold and daring finish.

ABV 4.8, IBU 26

Boscos Hop God

Boscos - World Beer Cup

A west coast IPA, featuring bold hop bitterness with a hint of pine and easy drinkability. A lovely American IPA everyone should try!

ABV 5.25, IBU 84

The Madison Blonde

Boscos - World Beer Cup

The Madison Blonde offers a light, moderately sweet body for those looking for a more delicate beer-drinking experience. Although this is traditionally a very simple beer, we paired Citra hops with a light dose of wheat to bring more life to this style.

ABV 6.8, IBU 19

Boscos Fat Possum

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Boscos Fat Possum delivers a rich front end malt profile quickly subdued by the influence of new world hop additions. The result is a Red IPA featuring complex notes of caramel, toffee, dark fruits, and citrus.

ABV 5.8, IBU 55


Boscos Summer Session IPA

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Soak up the last days of summer with our Summer Session IPA. Each crisp, clean sip is a journey along the West Coast, where the flavors of zesty Cascade and tropical Mosaic hops dance like pacific waves on your palate.

ABV 4.5, IBU 37


Boscos Honey Porter

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Boscos Honey Porter is brewed with local honey to add a delicate flavor and aroma to this robust style.

ABV 7.4, IBU 32


Boscos Raspberry Berliner Weisse

Boscos - World Beer Cup

At last, your search has ended as you hold our Raspberry Berliner Weisse. Resting upon a foundation of wheat, golden and ripe, harvested from fields imbued with radiant sunlight. The ale greets the nose with a sweet scent of raspberries mingled with the twang of an enlivening sourness.

ABV 4.9, IBU 10


It's 901 Somewhere

Boscos - World Beer Cup

It's 901 Somewhere is a collaboration between Boscos and Beale Street Brewing for Memphis 2nd Virtual Beer Festival. This is a super limited release from our company so be sure to enjoy this delicious India Pale Ale before it’s gone. Brewed with Sticky Fingers Hop Blend, Calista Hops, Citra and Idaho 7 were all put with love and care into this quaffable, dank and aromatic beer. We hope you enjoy it as much as our brewer did during the collaboration process. ABV 6.00

Boscos Ed’s Porter

Boscos - World Beer Cup

In the great melting pot that is the United States, we take traditions from other cultures and Americanize them. In the world of craft brewing, that means we take traditional beer styles and add a whole lot of gnarly American hops. And just who is Ed anyway?

ABV 6.2, IBU 55

Dulahan’s Red Craic

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Boscos Dulahan's Red Craic is characterized by its medium body and low hop profile, Dullahan’s Red Craic provides an easily-drinkable pint with subtle flavors of caramel and roasted barley. Sláinte!

ABV 6.2, IBU 24

Boscos C Cubed

Boscos - World Beer Cup

C-Cubed gets its name from the three hops that comprise it: Columbus, Centennial, and Citra. We used Caramel 20 malt for color and dry-hopped with Citra for flavor and aroma to create this staple IPA.

ABV 6.40, IBU 62

Boscos Oktoberfest

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Oktoberfest is a traditional-style German lager brewed for the fall harvest celebrations in Munich and other parts of Germany. Germans generally celebrate Oktoberfest in September, starting on the third Saturday of the month. Boscos’ Oktoberfest is a crisp, smooth, malty, dark golden ale, aged over the summer.

ABV 6.5, I.B.U. 32

Boscos Oatmeal Stout

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Boscos Oatmeal Stout utilizes roasted malts to express a coffee-like characteristic, counterbalanced by notes of caramel and chocolate.  The addition of oatmeal mellows out the natural bitterness from these darker malt flavors to give you a smooth, easily drinkable pint.

ABV 6.8, IBU 30


Boscos Citra Brown

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Boscos Citra Brown is our take on an American Brown Ale. Like its predecessor, the English Brown Ale, our Citra Brown boasts a rich malt presence of chocolate and caramel. The American twist comes from late and dry additions of Citra hops to enhance both flavor and aroma with citrus, melon, and apricot.

ABV 6.8, IBU 45


Boscos Imperial Stone

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Enjoy Flaming Stone? If you do, we are sure you’ll enjoy our Imperial Stone. We took most of our malt beer for two batches of Flaming Stone and combined them into one for a single, stronger batch of Stone. Don’t worry, we still added the Pink Granite rocks to caramelize the wort.

ABV 9.0, IBU 26

Boscos Blue Ribbon

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Boscos BBR is a re-envisioned version of a standard American style beer, brewed with lots of corn and our house yeast. Crisp and refreshing, it is sure to remind you of your first beer that you stole out of your Father’s refrigerator.

ABV 5.7, IBU 14


Boscos Kung Fu

Boscos - World Beer Cup

This strong amber ale was brewed using Extra Special Roast malt and has quite the kick to it. See what we did there?

ABV 7.0, I.B.U. 43

Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those kicks were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightening
But they fought with expert timing
- Carl Douglas

Boscos West Coast IPA

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Boscos West Coast IPA is an ode to a classic American style characterized by high bitterness and bold hop aroma with heavy notes of pine and citrus. We added caramel malts to give this beer an extra layer of complexity and smooth drinkability.

ABV 5.9, IBU 71

Boscos Tennessee Cream Ale

Boscos - World Beer Cup

A lightly hopped golden ale with a crisp creamy body. Tennessee Cream Ale was the very first beer brewed at Boscos in 1992.

ABV 5.0, I.B.U. 20

Boscos Light

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Boscos Light is a solidly balanced ale that finishes clean with a hint of hops. And with just 90.1 calories, it’s the perfect beer to pair with our menu!

ABV 3.5 , IBU. 11

Boscos Olde Fool

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Old Ales are strong English Ales characterized by a full malty body and an intense alcoholic character. Often there is a fruity character developed by the yeast. Boscos Olde Fool has the added complexity of noticeable hops. ABV 7.50, I.B.U. 42

Boscos The Garrison

Boscos - World Beer Cup

The Garrison is an Extra Special Bitter that embodies the rich heritage of English crafted ales. Notes of toasted caramel, biscuit, and subtle fruit esters are supported by a smooth hop bitterness to tantalize the pallet.

ABV 6.0, IBU 33


Boscos Milk Stout

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Boscos Milk Stout is a full-bodied, roasted-malt, sweet stout, which delivers a rich flavor and contains lactose, a sugar derived from milk. Because lactose cannot be fermented by beer yeast, it adds sweetness and body. If you are lactose intolerant this beer is not for you!

ABV 6.0, IBU 28

The Globe Trotter

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Before the American IPA, the English IPA made its voyage from England to India as the godfather of all modern India Pale Ales. To stay true to stye, The Globe Trotter is packed with English ingredients to provide a hop forward flavor profile supported by a medium malted body.

ABV 5.25, IBU 54

Boscos Ninety Shilling

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Our seasonal offering of our classic Scottish style ale. Unlike our Isle of Skye Scottish Ale, which has malty, roasty, and hoppy notes, the main emphasis in this beer is its malt character. Ninety Shilling is a traditional tax designation indicating the beer was of the highest quality.

ABV 8.0, I.B.U. 33

Boscos Original Amber

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Boscos Amber Ale is a classic example of American amber ale. Columbus and Cascades hops add notes of citrus, fruit and pine to balance the sweetness of the roasted caramel and crystal malts which provide color, body and flavor. The Beer Connoisseur’s Choice!

ABV 6.5, IBU 27

Boscos 850 Double IPA

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Boscos 850 Double IPA!  Dry hopped with copious amounts of Citra and Mosaic hops, this beer emits floral and citrus aromas and flavors.  In addition, we added 8 pounds of Citra and Mosaic during the boil to balance out the malt sweetness.  Brewed to commemorate our head brewer’s 850th batch of beer at Boscos. ABV 8.0, IBU 88

Monkey Fist IPA

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Boscos Monkey Fist is a West Coast IPA featuring a bold hop bitterness that packs a punch. Its unique fruity profile and malty body provide a balance that will make you go bananas.

ABV 6.2, IBU 85

Hopfenreich Stein

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Hopfenreich Stein Hoppy Stone. We took our World Famous Flaming Stone and hopped it like a West Coast IPA. We used, Colombus, Centennial, Cascade, and Citra lastly for the dry hopping process to make a truly unique beer. Flaming Stone drinkers don’t worry, we still added the Pink Granite rocks during the boil to caramelize the wort making it a smooth, easy drinking beer to imbibe on a hot Memphis day. Cheers! ABV 5.55, IBU 65

Boscos 66 IPA

Boscos - World Beer Cup

See what we did there? We added 6 pounds of Citra and 6 pounds of Cascade in the dry hop to help smooth out the bitterness. Brewed with Pale Malt and Caramel 20 for color. This beer is quite drinkable for any IPA fan out there!

Boscos Dry Stout

Boscos - World Beer Cup

A black beer, with a dry-roasted character thanks to the use of roasted barley. The coffee-like roasted barley and a moderate degree of roasted malt aromas define the character. Hop bitterness is medium to medium high. Boscos Dry Stout is smooth and easy to drink. Cheers!

ABV 6.04, IBU 31

Boscos Steinweizen

Boscos - World Beer Cup

We took our Famous Flaming Stone recipe and substituted the majority of our usual two-row with malted wheat.  We then used Northern Brewer and Strisselspalt hops to create an interesting light beer for this time of the year. 

ABV 5.50, I.B.U. 18

Boscos Baltic Porter

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Malt flavors reminiscent of an English Brown Porter and the restrained roast of a Schwarzbier, but with a higher Original Gravity than either. A very complex beer with multi-layered flavors.

Boscos Sticke Alt

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Several times a year, the alt beer brewers in Dusseldorf brew a “sticke”, or “secret” beer. These stickes are super-premium versions of their normally offered alt beers. Fuller in body with a stronger hop character, these beers are not advertised except to regular customers.

ABV 7.10, IBU 40

Boscos HAZE 3000

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Lots of flavor and hop aroma, and hardly any perceived bitterness. We used Mosaic, Idaho 7, and Citra for a glorious smelling dry hop.  This beer is brewed for floccbois and haze fans to imbibe. Tropical fruit on the nose with dank resinous hop flavor throughout.

Boscos Summer IPA

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Our Summer IPA showcases a boatload of flaked oats and the finest hops. Some may say this beer is oatrageous, and that’s oatstanding to us brewers. 

Boscos Big Spain

Boscos - World Beer Cup

This delicious pale ale is dry hopped with Idaho 7, Citra, and Mosaic hops for a pungent, citrus hop aroma and flavor.  We brewed this beer to commemorate the Grizzlies former all-star center Marc Gasol and his brother, Pau.  We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we’ve enjoyed watching them play for our team over the years.  Cheers!

Boscos Perfect Pair Pale

Boscos - World Beer Cup

We are gathered here today to drink the union of two remarkable hops, Citra and Mosaic.  It’s no secret these two make a perfect pair. We hope you enjoy our double dry-hopped IPA as much as we do.  Drink on HopHeads!

Boscos Dave’s Crazy Hazy IPA

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Behold, Boscos first attempt at a true New England IPA.  This dankalicious juicebomb gets its haze from a special yeast strain and an absurd amount of whirlpool and dry hop additions.  Citra, Mosaic, and Motueka are the hops that give this beer it’s intense tropical hop aroma and flavor. We added White Wheat malt and flaked oats to increase turbidity and give this beer an impeccable mouthfeel. 

Boscos Schwarzbier

Boscos - World Beer Cup

A classic German beer. We took our immaculate Memphis water and created our take on this style. Schwarzbiers have a lighter body, moderate dryness and a lack of a burnt or harsh finish. This makes this beer quite quaffable. Prost as they say in Germany!

Boscos M&M Tropical Pale Ale

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Motueka is a New Zealand hop variety that we recently got out hands on. Motueka possesses notes of lemon and lime perfect for the upcoming heat. We chose to pair Motueka with Mosaic another wonderful hop variety for dry hopping. This fantastic beer was dry hopped twice with Motueka and Mosaic to give this summer seasonal a nice quaffable aroma and subtle hop bitterness. At 16 IBU’s this beer should be drinkable for everyone. Cheers to new beers!

Boscos Mosaic IPA

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Brewed using Mosaic hops, this beer is very low in bitterness, but has a big, bold finish. A smooth, creamy mouthfeel gives way to the symphony of Mosaic hops dancing around on your palate.

Boscos Winter Pale Ale

Boscos - World Beer Cup

When winter is upon us and we often brew a new seasonal to represent fall ending and winter beginning in Memphis. We used CaraMunich 20 and Extra Special malt for a unique color. Brewed with Northern Brewer and East Kent Goldings round this beer out with very little perceived bitterness. Here’s to a new beer and a New Year. Cheers!

Boscos 600 Double IPA

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Behold, Boscos first Double IPA!  Dry hopped with copious amounts of Citra and Mosaic hops, this beer emits floral and citrus aromas and flavors.  In addition, we added 8 pounds of Citra and Mosaic during the boil to balance out the malt sweetness.  Brewed to commemorate our head brewer’s 600th batch of beer at Boscos.


Boscos - World Beer Cup

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