Just Tapped

This beer has “More Hops!” And “More Hops!” And “More Hops!”  And “More Hops!” And “More Hops!” And “More Hops!” And “More Hops!” And so on and so on!
ABV 6.65, IBU 90

Oatmeal Stout
We all know how beer is good for you, but our Oatmeal Stout takes it to another level! The oatmeal also adds a smooth, rich texture to this full bodied stout.
ABV 7.17, IBU 34

Olde Fool®
Old Ales are strong English Ales characterized by a full, malty body and an intense alcoholic character. Often there is a fruity character developed by the yeast. Boscos Olde Fool has the added complexity of noticeable hops.
ABV 7.30, IBU 37

Tennessee Cream Ale
Cream ales are lightly-hopped golden ales with a crisp creamy body. Boscos Tennessee Cream Ale was the very first beer brewed at Boscos Germantown in 1992.
ABV 4.30, IBU 16

High Gravity Beer-Imperial Chocolate Stout
Roasty, toasty, smooth, thick, and dark as midnight, with a touch of chocolate!  Brewed for Russian Royalty!
ABV 8.20, IBU 45



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