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Citra Wheat
Brewed with White Wheat malt for haze and dry hopped with Citra for a touch of perceived bitterness and flavor, this quaffable beer is a perfect patio pounder. Expect a nice light body with a sharp, crisp finish. At only 19 IBUs, this beer was brewed for every craft beer lover to imbibe.
ABV 4.25, IBU 19

Ed's Porter
In the great melting pot that is the United States, we take traditions from other cultures and Americanize them. In the world of craft brewing, we’ve taken a traditional beer style and add a whole lot of gnarly American hops. And just who is Ed anyway?
ABV 5.80, IBU 45

Boscos Oktoberfest
Octoberfest is a traditional style of German lager brewed for the fall harvest celebrations in Munich and other parts of Germany. Boscos Oktoberfest is a crisp, smooth, malty, dark golden lager, aged over a long period of time in the summer.
ABV 6.10, IBU 28

Award-Winning Hefeweizen
Hefeweizen (German for yeast and wheat) is an unfiltered German style wheat beer, fermented with unique yeast giving the beer both a banana-like and clove-like character - crisp and refreshing!
ABV 4.50, IBU 15
World Beer Cup® 2012, Gold Medal
Great American Beer Festival® 2011, Gold Medal
Great American Beer Festival® 2007, Gold Medal
Great American Beer Festival® 2006, Silver Medal
Great American Beer Festival® 2005, Gold Medal

Specialty Tap - Boscos Imperial Russian Stout




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